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Enable Payments Any Place, Any Time and
on Any Device for Gamers

Gaming Industry

In 2020, the gaming industry experienced 100% growth almost overnight, followed by a 152% increase in fraud in 2021*. With more people gaming and more in-game payment transactions taking place, it’s vital the payments experience is convenient, simple and above player expectations. Companies able to offer the best payment experiences will ultimately be the winners as they build repeat business and loyalty amongst gamers.

ACI Worldwide

ACI enables the gaming and digital entertainment industry to maximize their returns by improving the payments experience while protecting customers against fraud losses.

* ACI internal data

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Mission Critical Real-Time Payments Software for Gaming and Digital Entertainment Brands

Ready to take your payments strategy to the next level? Interact with our six missions to plan for success and discover how to implement an uninterrupted gaming experience for your players.

Mobile SDK


Customer Profiling





Mission complete

Mobile SDK to Drive Up Conversion
  • Reduce development costs
  • Rapid time to market
  • Increase conversion


  • Tokenization enables one-click payments
  • Up to 40% faster checkout completion times*
  • 18% higher conversion rates


* ACI internal data

Customer Profiling
  • Positive profiling with positive results
  • Faster payments intelligence
  • Improve revenue and your bottom line


  • Implement SCA exemptions
  • Balance customer experience and compliance
  • Address ambiguity with scoring


  • Maintain transaction processing continuity
  • Manage acquiring fee costs and decline rates
  • Achieve higher conversion rates with smart routing


  • Maximize profits with comprehensive payment insights
  • Drive conversions and boost engagement
  • Nurture customer loyalty and retention


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Mobile SDK: Provide fast, frictionless payment experiences in iOS and Android mobile apps for players everywhere

The merchant develops a mobile app

Merchant plugs the ACI mSDK into their app

Merchant uploads app to the Apple Store and Google Play Store

Gamer downloads merchant app and shops online

Transactions processed through the ACI Secure eCommerce Solution

Tokenization: Enabling One-Click Payments

Single tokenization service across all entities (e.g., channels, merchants)

To be used in many use-cases: one-click, recurring payments (CIT, MIT)

Real-time account updater service

Token import capability

Handle sensitive card data without risk of breach

Customer Profiling: Positive Profiling
With Positive Results

Combining traditional profiling
capabilities with:

97% additional profile fields

Global consortium data

Enhanced processing speeds

To create comprehensive customer
profiles based on:

Global and local customer profile fields

Global and local velocities using history and average transaction value on cards, emails, devices and IP addresses

Authentication: Manage Exemptions

Identify, accept and embrace the need for exemptions

Adopt the best approach and strategy, and engage with the right technology partner, like ACI, to assist

Implement before deadline to ensure compliance

Local / Multi-Acquiring and Payment Methods

Intelligent transaction dispatching

Allows card transactions to be routed to different acquirers based on attributes such as BIN, card brand, IP address and risk profile.

Smart retry

Allows failed card transactions to be resent automatically, either to the same acquirer or an alternative one.

Optimized routing

Reduces latency for cross-border card and alternative payment methods and optimizes the performance of a merchant website.

Increase revenues

Reduce costs

Limit risk exposure

Analytics: Real-Time Actionable Data Insights

How can a lack of insights impact you?

Puts loyalty and retention at stake

A survey by a fraud prevention agency revealed that more than 50% of respondents who had been falsely declined are usually the returning customers, often turning an unforced error into a lifetime loss.

Customer acquisition efforts go to waste

Research by PwC says roughly 42% of players do not try to place the order again, give up on the purchase or switch directly to a competitor instead (14%).

Significantly impacts decision making

To innovate, build confidence and drive real positive change, teams need to utilize insights from their data. But 41% of companies struggled to turn data into decisions in 2020, Forrester reports.

Marketing campaigns are jepordized

Forbes in their customer centric survey highlighted that ~72% of marketers are still focused primarily on knowledge gathering rather than making real and actionable use of their data.

Achievements unlocked


Mission status



Achievements unlocked

Mission status